Comprehensive Consulting Services for Energy Efficient Building

Our experienced team provides issue-specific consultation and a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions
as a consulting and implementation partner for the various energy conversation recommendations we provide.

Energy Use Analysis

We provide energy audits and assessments for your business, church, or institution that focuses advanced analytics on how to save energy (and money) while improving tenant comfort.

Renewable Energy Consulting

We provide evaluation, design and planning, and strategic advisory services for a variety of renewable energy systems including solar and anaerobic digestion electricity production.

Energy Management as a Service

Energy Management as a Service is a subscription that provides continuous commissioning and operational monitoring to maintain the investment on building improvements.

Have tough challenges? We create the solutions.

About Us

ECORE Living is an energy use and management services firm that provides analysis, design, andĀ implementation of energy efficiency solutionsĀ for the built environment.

Using a technology-driven and human-centered approach, we deliver a customizedĀ setĀ of improvements and management tools that generate rapid returnsĀ toĀ invested capitalĀ while providing long-term managementĀ support for our clients.

Our Professionals have both traditional training (including Certified Energy Manager certification) and experience and expertise in the emerging areas of sustainability, including Leadership in Energy & Environmental DesignĀ (LEED), Passive House, and other Green Building certification.

  • Performance, not Labels

    We combine traditional and emerging expertise into a single process with emphasis on first sustainability ā€“ economic sustainability. OurĀ approach focuses on using the innovative solutions available that can move your project to the next level of opportunity and success.

  • Enduring Design

    Mitigating risk, whether utility prices, operational costs, or project specific concerns, is paramount to long-term stability of both project outcomes and the larger business. Part of our focus is to critically evaluate and incorporate the pending realities of a constantly changing marketplace: for energy, for technology, and for product.

  • Maximized Long-term Benefits

    We produce focused solutions that anchor on feasibility but align with the future. This is deliberately about stabilizing back-end or long-term benefits: knowing what can be done right now along with what may be coming in the future is key to mitigating intermediate, upgrade, or reinvestment risk.

Providing Innovative, Human-Centered Solutions

Our companyĀ understands that the most useful technologies are ones that are useful and intuitive for the people who use them: technologies that help achieve energy savings in the built environment are successful when they empower people managing those environments to receive data and feedback that allow adjustments in real time.

Cooperative Approach withĀ Strategic Partnerships

By leveraging our strategic product development and distribution partnerships with renewable/clean technology developers, as well as our innovative development relationships with architecture, engineering, design/build, and construction firms, we are able to use sustainability to drive value and achieve long-term growth.

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