Sustainability Building Solutions for the 21st Century

Comprehensive Consulting Services for Energy Efficient Building

ECORE Living is a sustainable energy services firm that provides design and implementation of energy efficiency solutions for the built environment.  Using a technology-driven and human-centered approach, we deliver a customized set of cleantech and smarttech improvements and management tools that generate rapid returns to invested capital while providing long-term management support for the client.

Performance, not Labels: ECORE’s approach focuses on the bottom-line – not marketing gimmicks. Our process has a first cost only fractionally more than the U.S. average, and is substantially less than LEED Gold and Platinum, HERS 50, and even Energy Star

Future Proof Design: Protects property owner against rising costs of utility prices and other costly Operations & Maintenance expenses due to poor quality build/design

Maximized Backend Benefits: Property owners maximize their rental incomes and associated tax allowances through reduced utility costs

Cutting-edge: ECORE technologies have been carefully selected for fastest payback of initial investment in cleantech and smarttech integrated into the design/build of historic rehab, build-up new construction, and urban in-fill redevelopment

We deliver significant impact at the state and municipal level through consultation on a variety of sustainability initiatives and implementation of our vertically-integrated cleantech solutions, which increasingly address and help to foster micro-enterprise community development and alleviate energy poverty.