About our Company

ECORE Living provides solutions that can be deployed across a diverse real estate portfolio. Our solutions reduce wasted energy, dramatically reduce the operating expense of our clients’ facilities, and impact the carbon footprint.

Our experienced team can provide issue-specific consultation, address a broad range of energy solutions, and guide implementation as a project partner.

Our areas of focus

Energy Efficiency Analysis and Implementation
Renewable Energy Evaluation and Design
Energy Management as a Service
Emerging Technology Research

Benefits of Working with ECORE Living

  • Innovative, Hardworking, and Experienced team with industry leading credentials

    We approach every engagement the same way.

  • Cooperative Approach to Problem Solving

    We believe that the client’s goal comes first, therefore we take a cooperative approach and engage our client’s needs staying rooted in the reality of their goals and circumstances.

  • Ability to Leverage Strategic Partnerships

    In order to provide issue-specific consultation on a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions, we have partnered with leading industry experts in the fields of renewable energy implementation, energy management, and measurement and verification services. You have effective access to leaders in their fields, while experiencing client-centric service.

  • Cutting-Edge IT Solutions for Energy Management

    Our human-centered, cutting edge technology solutions provide a modern energy management service that permits building managers and homeowners to leverage cloud technology and mobile access to utilize the latest in building systems and controls.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.

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