Providing analysis, design, and implementation of energy efficiency solutions for the built environment

ECORE Living is an energy use and management services firm that uses a technology-driven and human-centered approach to deliver a customized set of improvements and management tools that generate rapid returns to invested capital while providing long-term management support for our clients. For us, the goal drives the process.

Our Mission

Our mission and core competency is to bring sustainability solutions – both financial and environmental – to the people and companies whoa re ready to leave the past behind. Our solutions improve the efficiency of our client’s organization and increase their bottom line through optimization of their energy use and maintenance operations.

Our Approach

Our approach is direct, iterative, and holistic. We engage stakeholders and line workers, value cross-sector collaborations, make space for long-term partnerships, and incorporate those innovations that lead to long-term sustainability. Through analysis, ingenuity, and collaboration with our clients we develop user-friendly and intuitive tools to help our clients achieve stable cost savings and develop a clearer understanding of energy dynamics and efficiency. This in turn generates stable returns to capital, providing a growing foundation for investment in energy efficiency, and drives economic sustainability and growth.